Internet/Digital Now a Greater TSG Focus


For the past year, The  Stevens Group has made a concerted effort to expand its reach beyond its well-established M&A expertise in the PR agency industry to include digital, interactive, traditional advertising, social media, experiential and other marketing communications services.

The reasons were rather obvious. For one, it became very apparent that many PR agencies needed to expand  their digital capabilities to offer inbound marketing, social media, SEO and SEM as well as other digital media and marketing offerings. This trend really came to a head in the past few years and in fact, the PR industry in general was behind the curve and needed to catch up.

As a means of doing so, The Stevens Group has been on the lookout for breakthrough firms which could be acquired rather than prospective buyers attempting to build these capabilities organically. To accelerate this expansion of focus, TSG invited Mark Severini to join the team as senior associate in charge of these new services.  Mark has extensive experience in the digital/interactive arena. He’s been actively involved with starting up and counseling the management of firms in this niche.  TSG is pleased to have Mark share his experience and expertise in what is fast becoming the next breakthrough phase of marketing communications.

Click here to read Mark’s full bio.


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