A Strong Number Two


The Stevens Group has launched a periodic one-question survey on matters of vital interest to PR agency CEO’s.  Two hundred PR agency CEO’s agreed to become a permanent sounding board for these periodic surveys.  The initial question was:

July 2016 Results Chart

The response:

yes: 73%

no:  27%

I lost the bet.  My staff and I conducted an office pool on what each of us thought the result would be.  I guessed the “yeses” would be  considerably lower than they were.  I thought that many more PR agency owners didn’t have a solid number two person in place.  Boy, was I wrong.  Knowing how important a number two person is to a prospective acquirer I applaud the good business sense of  this vast majority of PR agency CEO’s.

Kudos to PR agency owners who had the foresight to identify and put in place a strong number two.  But fifty lashes with a wet noodle to the 23% who haven’t.  What are you waiting for?


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