Richard Edelman (Edelman), Ed Moed (Peppercomm), Art Stevens (TSG) & Peter Finn (Finn Partners)

“Art Stevens is the consummate public relations professional, possessed of experience, good judgment and integrity.”
– Harold Burson, Founding Chairman, BursonMarsteller

“Art Stevens was an invaluable resource, confidante, advisor and friend to me as I grew and eventually sold Walek & Associates.   I highly recommend Art.  He is the consummate professional.”
– Thomas Walek, President, WALEKpeppercomm

“Art gave me my start as an intern, which put me on the path to starting and growing my own independent firm.  His wisdom and insights are invaluable to any owner or leader looking to optimize their firm for maximum return — either in a sale or going and growing it alone.”
– Jim Weiss, Founder, CEO & Chairman, W2O Group

“Art has long relationships built on trust with most senior executives in the PR agency world. His advice is always objective and valuable.”
– Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman

“As a former vp of Lobsenz-Stevens I can say this: Art knows not only how to make an agency great; he knows how to make it profitable. Thanks to the decades he’s spent in the business, he knows the challenges agency heads face in a way that few consultants can ever begin to appreciate. And as an agency CEO myself today, I know how precious such knowledge can be.”
– Shelley J. Spector, President, Spector & Associates, Inc.

“Art Stevens served as a consultant for me in 2009. He was a great sounding board for me personally after the market crash as I refocused the firm. Art added value in the areas of account profitability assessments, industry comparisons and best practices. I worked with Art’s team again at SGP during our successful acquisition journey in 2013 where they helped us identify the best parent company to acquire the firm I’ve built since 1997.”
– Christine Turner, Founder and President, Turner PR 

“I have known Art Stevens for over a decade.  During the course of our professional relationship, Art has brought many high quality firms and talented individuals to our attention.  Art is a trusted resource in the M&A arena and a valued “connector” in the industry.  His background running a reputable public relations firm adds additional dimensions of knowledge and insight.”
– Andy Hardie-Brown, Co-Founder/COO, Allison+Partners

“Since the launch of Finn Partners in late 2011, Art has brought some very important opportunities to Finn Partners which have contributed significantly to the firm’s growth and increased strength.  Art knows the PR agency world like very few others and I look forward to working with him for many years in the future.  I can recommend Art as a valuable partner to any agency that is looking to grow its business.”
– Peter Finn, Founding Partner, Finn Partners

“Art cuts through the clutter to the essential issue then presents the perfect solution.  His experience, knowledge and ability to see both the nuances and the big picture are invaluable and reassuring.  I once paid a big price for not following Art’s advice above all others.  Never again. “
– Florence Quinn, Founder and CEO, QUINN

“Art Stevens is a total pro and on top of that, a consummate gentleman.  I have worked with and known Art for a dozen years.  He has been a trusted adviser and was quite helpful to me when I was making plans to sell my business a little more than a year ago.”
– Scott Widmeyer, Founder and Managing Partner, Widmeyer Communications

“Art Stevens has proven his value to my organization in numerous ways, not the least of which being his many industry contacts. Art offers smart, practical advice to those interested in the buying or selling of a public relations firm and he does so with humor and discretion.”
– Eric Mower, Chairman and CEO, ERIC MOWER + ASSOCIATES

“Art Stevens and I go way back.  I was an account executive at the highly respected LobsenzStevens, a firm known for quality blue chip clients and outstanding service.  I learned a lot from Art.  I still do.  He has proven to be an outstanding advisor to me and Peppercomm.”
– Ed Moed, Founding Partner, Peppercomm

“I am currently working with Art Stevens and couldn’t be happier.   His current insight of the market is amazing and quite accurate .   I recently had him speak to the Croft Society, a national group of independent owners, and he was engaging, thought provoking and inspiring.   What a gift to our industry.”
– Phil Morabito, CEO, Pierpont Communications

“Art has offered his advice and experience to long-standing national affiliations of independent agencies who meet on a regular basis to share best business practices.  His practical viewpoint and reputation for candor provide an objective view of the market.”
Pete Webb, Principal, Webb Strategic Communications

“If you’re thinking of buying or selling a PR firm, his book (When and How – Selling Your Public Relations Firm) is a must read. If you’re ready to buy or sell, Art Stevens is a must meet.”
– Steve Haweeli, President, WordHampton Public Relations

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